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Game of Thrones 1x05 + Homeland 2x03 + Supernatural 7x18&7x19 Reviewed

The Wolf and The Lion

Robert continues to show how crass and grasping he is and how he isn’t too fond of his wife. Sansa continues to be stupid. There is a joust. The black knight’s shield looks like a tea tray. Then he chops his poor horse’s head off to show what a sore loser he is. Littlefinger is gross. Lady Stark and her hostage ride around. Bran snots.

We get dragon skulls, whispers about the death of Ned’s predecessor, wheels within wheels, plotting, Robert screaming and Ned finally quitting in disgust at Robert being gross. Lady Stark visits her mad sister and her mad son. The imp ends up in a prison cell. Robert and his cow wife discuss their disaster of a marriage. Another of Robert’s bastards crops up.

Jamie and Ned have a fight because of Lady Stark’s idiocy. Everyone fails to notice everyone else’s posturing manipulation. This was good mostly because there was only one sex scene.

Best Lines:
“Why? Because I’m King? Piss on that.”

“I don’t want to pay for it.”
“Then get yourself a wife.”

“You are the King’s Hand and the King is a fool.”

State of Independence

Saul annoys. Jessica annoys. The Brody son is still AWOL. Brody kills a guy. Where is Brody’s suicide vest? Everyone is an idiot. I’m sick of this show and its dodgy agenda, lack of plausibility, lack of tension and how everyone is duplicitous, self serving and ethically void.

I’m done with this show. Carrie thinks she will get back into the CIA and is shot down. This turns her into a mess of suicidal bug eyed campness. Mike annoys. Then Carrie gets a new reason to be smug and bug eyed. This was crap and I’m done.

Party On, Garth

The promos for this ep and 7x19 amused, the promos lied. Idiots die, hunter Garth (DJ Qualls) shows up to annoy, there are no Leviathans and no Castiel but a reject from ‘The Ring’ is killing people due to a feud over a microbrewery. Garth unleashes a sock puppet. Sam is still a snob. There is annoying comedy and a really stupid ending.

Best Line:
“No coffee for you Tara Reid.”

Of Grave Importance
Bobby’s ghost stalks Sam and Dean. Bobby always had the lovability of diphtheria. He treated Sam and Dean like monkey meat while alive and now does the same thing whilst dead. The brothers have no concern about the missing Frank instead they head off to a haunted house.

Yet another hunter (Jamie Luner of ‘Profiler’ and ‘Savannah’) who John never stumbled across in all his years of mountain man survivalist nut job hunting shows up. She goes into the haunted house and dies. Sam, Dean and the unfriendly ghost Bobby look into it.

The house is full of ghosts, so there are copious rip offs of ‘Ghost’, an evil ghost, bad acting, a really obnoxious Bobby and nobody cried for Bobby on the kitchen floor as he was a burk. This sucked.

Best Lines:
“Dead. Ghost. Me. Three words you never want to use in a sentence.”

“I’m liking this less.”

“Awesome. Now let’s walk right into that.”

“Annie? Slimer?”

“She’s here and not in a good way.”
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