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Movie Review: The Final Countdown (1980)

An efficiency expert (Martin Sheen with 70s hair) arrives on an aircraft carrier captained by Kirk Douglas and his butt chin. The aircraft carrier travels back in time to 1941 in a blaze of bad blue 80s SFX.

They realise they can stop the attack on Pearl Harbor. But first they have to save a boat full of 1941 idiots and fight some Japanese planes. There are lots of loving close ups of the aircraft carrier’s technology. The CAG (James Farentino of ‘Dead & Buried’) looks at the 1941 boat woman (Katharine Ross) a lot.

There is a hostage situation, an idiot, an explosion and a convenient deserted island. Martin Sheen glowers, stock footage is used and there is a twist ending. This is okay and it is a lot better than ‘Pearl Harbor’.

Best Lines:
“What was I supposed to do? Throw him back in the sea?”
“Well at least that would have preserved the natural order of history.”
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