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Nikita 2x15 + Once Upon A Time 1x05 Reviewed


Flashbacks to 1996 and 1998 show how Percy, Carla and later Amanda formed Division. Nikita drama queens. When did Ari and Amanda hook up? Alex plans to reclaim her identity and Zetrov. Amanda has become pathetic. Alex gatecrashes a Zetrov press conference. Amanda rants and there are a variety of stupid standoffs. This was dumb.

Best Lines:
“She needs to die. We need to kill her.”
“No arguments there.”

“Gogol thugs in trench coats, Gogol thugs in suits.”

“Put my hardware down bitch!”

That Still Small Voice

In fairytale land thieving types thieve and one of them is the former iteration of Dr Hopper. An earthquake strikes Storybrooke uncovering an old mine. Henry and Regina babble. Dr Hopper is an idiot, Henry is really annoying and Mary Margaret drools over ex coma dude.

This was boring. I don’t care about Dr Hopper’s back story, Rumpy overacting, Regina being thankless and Henry being a brat in need of medication. Regina makes idiot threats, ex coma dude’s wife annoys, Regina throws OTT tantrums and the mouth breather Dr Hopper has an unexpected connection with old man Marco. This was terrible. Snow White’s glass coffin is at the bottom of the mine. Nothing else of interest happens.

Best Line:
“This nonsense must end.”
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