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Quotes of the Day

‘Arrow’ 1x02 promo
He is a nut isn’t he?

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“What’s tough love? Letting me sleep in a park?”

‘Spellbinder’ (1988) promo
Tim Daly saves Kelly Preston from witches, bad move. Must catch this.

‘Last Resort’ 1x04 promo
Looks good and I am not just referring to Speedman in uniform.

John Paul McQueen is coming back to ‘Hollyoaks’! But where is Craig?

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:
“Hulk, why don’t you knock?”

“That’s right I forgot. Violence first.”

“The primate is trying to hit us with sticks.”

“I think not villain.”

“That could have gone better.”

“I did not realise there were ogres on Midgard.”

“He brings shame to all monkeys with his cowardice.”

“Thy giant self seems more useful.”

“What be thy concern ethereal voice?”

“Now might be a good time for some kind of something!”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“No atheist blood please.”

“Did you use my wig glue to patch your shoes again?”
“I tied them together with used dental floss as per your memo.”

“Thank you for cigarette mommy.”
“Oh honey, please don’t call me that.”
“Okay do over mommy.”

“They’re both bad and I suspect you know it!”

“Dice are satan’s bones!”

“Don’t slap ketchup on bread and tell me it’s pizza Friday.”
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