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Homeland 2x02 + Supernatural 7x16&7x17 Reviewed

Beirut is Back

Carrie gets a lead on Abu Nazir. The vile VP is vile. Brody and his eternally pursed lips is angry. Dana does boring stuff. Carrie freaks out yet again. Mike shows up to annoy, he has suspicions about Walker’s death. Brody ends up in the situation room as the US prepare to take out Abu Nazir and manages to text message a warning. Somehow the US security forces fail to notice this.

What are Brody’s motives? Why did he not let Abu Nazir die? Carrie does more crazy stuff that leads to Saul finding something very important. But what was it doing there? This was okay.

Out With The Wold
There is a ‘Black Swan’ inspired opening due to a cursed object. The brothers look for cursed objects and stumble across more Leviathans. There is bad acting and everyone is vulgar, uneducated and stupid. Anything to do with the Leviathans is boring.

Best Lines:
“I saw ‘Black Swan’. Twice. Hot tutu on tutu action.”

“Call me if you don’t die.”

The Born-Again Identity

Lucifer annoys Sam straight into a locked ward. Neither brother is overly concerned about the missing Frank. It is a shame they never brought Deacon back. It seems Crowley has lifted the demon moratorium on the brothers. So demons show up to bore.

Dean stumbles across the not dead Castiel. Nobody bothers to ask if Jimmy (Castiel’s vessel) is missed by his family. Sam meets a haunted fellow loony bin inmate. Demons are dispatched, I guess saving the hosts has been long forgotten. Meg shows up to bore. This was boring with bad acting and an idiot ending.

Best Line:
“We don’t even have friends. All our friends are dead.”
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