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Book Reviews: The Magic Shop + Knight Fantastic

The Magic Shop edited by Denise Little

Every Little Thing She Does

A woman needs help. This is okay.

Winter Phoenix
An excellent story of how Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaievna escaped death in 1918.

A Winter’s Tale
There are spooky goings on at a magic shop, this is excellent.

Knight Fantastic edited by Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers

Squire Thorian’s Trial

A squire gets the chance to become a knight. This is okay.

The Cross of God
A monk’s cousin returns from the crusades with a terrible story. Excellent.

Nights of the Round Table
Two cleaning women deconstruct the knights of the round table. This is okay.

Buried Treasures
One of the last Templar Knights escapes overseas with the Temple’s treasures. Excellent.

In Days of Old
An okay Arthurian comedy.

The Captain of the Guard
A demon lord rules from his mountain fastness. Only the armies of King Ludik oppose him. Viktor Endrik serves the demon lord faithfully with absolute loyalty until a shattering revelation. This is excellent.

The Knight of Hydan Athe
An innkeeper’s daughter learns unpleasant truths. This was good.
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