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Covert Affairs Season 2 review, part 4

Annie’s in Berlin and is made by a former spy named Elsa. Arthur heads off to Berlin to meet Elsa who is former Stasi. Joan gets insecure about Arthur’s love life, again. Arthur is unsure as things have changed since 1989. Joan stirs the pot with Jai. What is her problem?

Arthur runs around Berlin in a black leather jacket with to much product in his hair. Auggie does boring crap. Annie’s bitch sister whines. Nobody notices a car chase. This was bad. Annie needs to tell her bitch sister where to get off.

A Girl Like You
Eyal (Oded Feher) returns to annoy some more. Joan causes more problems. Auggie bangs his new galpal Parker. Annie is an idiot. Joan is an idiot. This bored.

Horse To Water
Annie’s bitch sister keeps on whining, she needs to shut up. Arthur visits a convicted CIA traitor (Bruce Davison) in jail and figures out he is masterminding more treason from inside a supermax prison. Annie is sent to figure out if the traitor’s daughters are in on it. Joan stirs the pot. Jai has work issues. Annie’s bitch sister continues to be a snitty smug twit. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I spend 23 hours a day walking around a 68 square foot room. And I can count on one hand the number of human beings that I have spoken to the last year. So if you’re looking for someone with their ear to the ground, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.”
“Forgive me if I don’t weep with sympathy for your living conditions.”

What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Some homeless looking guy harasses Annie into helping MI6. Together they harass an art restorer. Jai does stuff. This was not good.

Letter Never Sent
Annie goes on holiday. Her bitch sister crashes the holiday because her husband has been cheating on her. Who could blame him? Jai’s mother continues to be non existent. Joan has lunch with Arthur’s first wife (Rena Sofer). Joan continues to be unapologetic.

There are polygraph shenanigans, Joan wears another of her unending sheath dresses, Annie’s bitch sister turns out to having an emotional affair and Jai does something he can’t take back. Annie has a sudden love revelation concerning Auggie but is shocked that he is happy with Parker and immune to her perk. This was a yawner.

Season 2 was as wildly uneven as season 1. Jai did nothing but lurk while wearing nice suits and Joan continues to be ridiculous. I will watch season 3 as Richard Coyle of ’Going Postal’ will be in it.
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