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Wolf Lake 1x04 Review

Tastes Like Chicken
Nancy (Bob’s wife from ‘Maximum Bob’) attends an addiction group run by the Sherriff. Is wolf transformation an addiction now like ‘magicks’ on ‘Buffy’? The Cates men folk play pool until pa Cates keels over. Luke is a prat. Meanwhile Kanin looks into a murder, it seems a serial killer has returned. Whoever could it be? Could it be the guest star of the week? The bulimic werewolf Nancy shoves cake into her maw and then purges. Then she prances around in a leather miniskirt in her beauty salon. Kanin talks to the murder victim’s family and finds out that they are upset at they way they’ve been treated.

Ruby is being romanced by Tyler Creed. Luke has issues, nobody cares. Sophia goes missing and Luke is a jerk some more. The nutter/serial killer is obvious. More creepy goings on in town are revealed. Mr Cates gave Ruby to Tyler Creed the town drug dealer - ew. Mrs Cates is Ruby’s stepmother. Mr Cates knows about his wife and Tyler Creed - ew. Mrs Cates fancies the widowed Sheriff and wanted his have his pups. Kanin waves a knife around and isn’t very interesting. This was good. Luke is a man ho, Sophia is ever useless, Ruby has no agency and the Sheriff saves the day.

Best Lines:
“That’s how I got run over by the SUV.”

“And wake up the next morning and find four or five squirrels in the lettuce crisper."

“It’s okay to like yourself.”

“Nicest thing my mom ever said to me was; you need more make up. This from a woman who weighed 300 pounds and had breath like a grave.”

“Heaven is closed to me now.”

“My soul is a black house.”
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