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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue# 20: After These Messages - We'll Be Right Back

This issue seems to exist to showcase the style of artwork that would have been utilized in the never to be made 'Buffy: The Animated Series'. Buffy is still shaken after having to kill Willow in the future and is brooding over whether to tell Willow her fate. But after a series of battles, she staggers home and falls asleep and has a dream. Now before we get to the dream, one has to remember that Warren and Amy acting on Twilight's orders blew up Buffy's Scottish castle base killing several slayers.

So where are the gang living now? What did they do about the dead and wounded slayers? Why aren't they trying to strike back against Twilight? Why after all this time has Buffy not gone on the offensive against Twilight? Hasn't she learnt the cost of delayed offensives after the Master, Angelus, the Mayor, Adam, Glory, Warren and the First Evil?

Anyway Buffy dreams (in childish animation) of an earlier golden time. Season 1 to be exact, sometime after 'Angel'. So she meets her mom, young bratty Dawn, mean Cordy and nerd Willow. After encountering Cordelia, Buffy makes an utterly tasteless joke about Cordelia's death. That wasn't funny, it was vile and shows Buffy's selfish self-obsession up in the worst way.

After that Buffy encounters nerd Xander and we learn why his skateboard was never seen again after 'Welcome to the Hellmouth'. Principle Synder and Giles show up to be mean. Buffy wears an impractically short skirt while slaying, aaah the glory days of Buffy's wardrobe. She also broods with Angel. The artwork on Angel is terrible, it looks nothing like David Boreanaz. Then she fights a dragon and wakes up. She broods about her visit to a less complicated past and mopes about saving the world. What does she mean save the world? Twilight doesn't want to destroy the world and as Buffy just visited the future, she knows the world isn't going anywhere.

This was a good story, contrasting the selfish, depressing Buffy of Season 8 with her happy, quippy Season 1 self.

Best Line:
"Where the rest of that skirt?"
"Trust me, I've worn much worse."
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