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Movie Review: Sinister

Sinister (2012)

Ellison (Ethan Hawke of ‘Daybreakers’) is a washed up true crime writer who was a golden boy 10 years ago. He never repeated that success and is so desperate to recapture that fame, he moves his family into a house where four people were horribly murdered so he can write a new book.

Ellison does not tell his wife and kids the truth about where they are living and resents that they have trouble adjusting. Then Ellison finds super 8 home movie footage in the attic that depicts a series of murders. Ellison, desperate for fame, investigates the murders despite descending into paranoia and alcohol dependency.

But it becomes clear that there is something demonic about the murders and that the detestable Ellison has inflicted it on his family. This is a disturbing tale with a riveting performance from Hawke, who has found himself a niche in the horror genre.
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