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Book Reviews: First Action + Second Contact + The Moon and The Sun + Demon Night

Starsea Invaders First Action by G. Harry Stine
From 1993 comes this dated tale of the USS Shenandoah - a carrier submarine that arrives at the island of Makasar in the late 21st century. Americans have gone missing and the crew aim to stop it. Was it backwoods cannibals or the Chinese? Nope it was aliens. This has incomprehensible techno babble, bizarre slang, patronising sexism, really dated geopolitics and bad writing. This was dreadful.

Starsea Invaders Second Contact by G. Harry Stine
From 1994 comes another tale of techno babble and breathtaking sexism. The crew of the USS Shenandoah are on an alien hunt. This turns the saga from a submarine soap opera into a silly space opera. It is full of outdated conspiracy theories, ‘Star Trek’ knock offs and aliens. Granted it is repetitive but it is moderately better than ‘First Action’. This had exposition dumps, submarine warfare, evil aliens and repetition. A third and final book followed.

The Moon and the Sun by Vonda N. McIntyre
An alternate history set in the court of Louis XIV. Everything must be done to please the King and a miasma of cruelty and decadence pervades the court. Father Yves de la Croix brings a captured sea monster to court. His sister Marie-Josephe de la Croix is told to train it.

The sea monster brings the natural philosopher and his lady in waiting sister unwanted attention at court. Marie learns the sea monster is a sentient being and that the glittering Versailles is a prison full of ignorant debauched morons.

This starts out well but descended into a boring mess 1/3 of the way in. The romance between Marie and the court favourite Lucien is tedious. This was a failure.

Demon Night by JM Straczynski
From the creator of ‘Babylon 5’ came this Stephen King knock off from 1988. In the small town of Dredmouth Point, something is lurking in Indian Caves. Something demonic or whatever and it comes out every so often to do evil stuff.

Eric returns to town and foosters around lurking and doing ‘psychic’ stuff. A writer named Liz lurks with Eric. Sam is the mouthpiece for author tracts on the wonders of atheism. The local cop Ray becomes a puppet for the demon things. It takes a while to get going and people act like idiots. The bad things do bad stuff and the ending is contrived. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“He saw for the first time in twenty-five years the thin strip of land that reached into Machias Bay like a bony, pointing finger.”

“Then he saw the eyes. Not Ray’s eyes. The ones hovering over Ray’s left shoulder.”
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