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Covert Affairs Season 2 Review, part 3

Welcome To The Occupation
A boardroom is taken hostage by gun toting nuts. One if the hostages is a deep cover CIA agent. Annie, Joan and Ben are sent to rescue her. Annie is orange. Jai and his daddy have issues. A bad guy overacts. Jai and Liza have a stare down. Annie wears horrible pink lip-gloss and causes problems. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Who knew there were so many different ways to call Arthur a failure.”

“He grows on you.”
“Like a rash.”

“To what do I owe the displeasure?”

Sad Professor
Annie’s sister Danielle follows her. Will the hooker hair extension sporting moo just go away? Where is her husband? How is she supporting her upper middle class lifestyle? Anyway a CIA agent has been killed and he was one of Annie’s college lecturers. Annie has to talk to his widow. Annie wears that horrid pink lip-gloss again.

The widow does not take the truth about her husband well. Annie goes on a microdot hunt. Annie’s sister annoys. There is a twist. This was good. Annie’s sister causes trouble. Jai is a honey trap and takes his shirt off.

Best Lines:
“You must have tried the lamb.”
“How can something be both cold and burnt at the same time?”

“It’s an awful strange coincidence, running into each other at a remote island in Maine.”

World Leader Pretend
Annie has decided to tell her sister the truth. Meanwhile a scientist is defecting and a biohazard situation takes place. Annie is tended by a caring nurse (Mimi Kuzyk of ’The Kiss’) Annie has to tell her sister the truth and the moron freaks out. Danielle is egotistical, she wants thing to go her way and this is not her way. Jai is unhappy in his job and Joan makes things worse.

Danielle lacks the ability to comprehend Annie’s POV and is coldly judgmental. Annie dumps the er doctor. Auggie is betrayed. Annie’s thrown out and no validation or approval is forthcoming. This was okay. I think Danielle is jealous she’s a housefrau and Annie is James Bond.

The Wake-Up Bomb
Danielle is avoiding Annie. This causes Annie to screw up a mission. Annie has to get her own place as she is being shunned by Danielle. Jai does stuff. Annie hooks up with a Basque chef. Annie is an idiot. Henry annoys. Jai does more stuff. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You can run away in horror now if you like.”

“You look like a girl that’s been strapped to a car door before.”
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