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Homeland 2x01 + Supernatural 7x14&7x15 + Breaking Bad 3x05 Reviewed

The Smile
Israel has bombed Iran thus setting the scene for season 2. Carrie gardens, lives with her dad, takes pills and teaches English as a foreign language. Saul is in Beirut. Brody is in congress. The VP is running for president and wants Brody as his VP. What has become of Brody’s taped confession?

Jessica has ambition, Dana sulks and rants. Carrie whines and only has herself to blame for losing her job. Brody is contacted by a reporter (Zuleikha Robinson of ‘Lost’ and ‘The Lone Gunmen’) who is also working for Abu Nazir.

Jessica is horrible. Brody tells her a secret and she freaks out. Carrie acts suspiciously with her dead eyes and monotone voice. This was boring.

Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menageries

Mysterious deaths are connected to a pizza parlour. Leviathans and that stupid field do not feature. Stupid non linear storytelling does feature. There is unfunny comedy and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“I am getting the clap off this thing just touching it.”

“No can do hair model.”

“Some kid puked in the ball pit.”

“We don’t care that you, uh, broke bad or whatever.”

Repo Man
Four years ago Sam and Dean saved a man from a demon. But not really, this isn’t a real old case. Sam and Dean are staying in motels again. There are murders and the demon may be back. Sam listens to his Lucifer hallucinations. This had bad acting and was ridiculous and ‘Angel’ did something similar years ago. Why do demons never look up to check for devil’s traps? The twist is obvious. This was just tired.

Best Lines:
“Latin. Not suspicious at all.”

“We don’t do no.”

There is a flashback to season 1 showing how Jesse blew Walt’s money for the RV on strippers. This typical Jesse act may be what leads Hank to him. Skyler continues her affair with Ted but is softening towards Walt.

Jesse continues to cause trouble. Gus shows Walt a new lab, he wants Walt to make 200 pounds a week. The quota must be met. Walt somehow fails to notice the ‘or else’ threat apparent in the offer. Skyler does not listen to her divorce lawyer. Jesse tantrums and continues to be an inarticulate idiot. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You are a fool to stay in that house one minute longer.”

“This criminal you refuse to divorce.”
“I didn’t marry a criminal.”
“Well, you’re married to one now.”
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