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The Dark Secret of Harvest Home part 1 + Hunted (2012) 1x01 Reviewed

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home part 1 (1978)

Remember when TV had event miniseries? No, me neither. This is based on the horror novel ‘Harvest Home’ by Thomas Tryon. Beth and her husband Nick (David Ackroyd of ‘Deadly Lessons’) attend a will reading and then head off to a small town named Cornwall Coombe. This is a small town with a dark secret as evidenced by the ominously named Lost Whistle Bridge.

The locals wear bonnets and hats like the Amish and don’t believe in farm machinery. The couple like the town and its obsession with corn and sheep. They decide to buy a house. A local old biddy named the Widow Fortune (Bette Davis) dresses like a puritan, drives a buggy and encourages them to move to town for the sake of their daughter’s health. They aren’t put off by the fact the locals don’t believe in schools or doctors.

Beth and Nick move into a farmhouse and their daughter Kate (Rosanna Arquette) is happy. The local nutter (Rene Auberjonois) mutters, the locals have ‘fun’ festivals and something ominous is obviously going on. But I don’t care as this was horribly dull, over lit and Bette Davis sounded like she was reading her lines off cue cards.

Best Lines:
“What you want with learning?”

“That’s be going against the ways.”

“She knows more about how folks die round here than I do.”


A new BBC drama to fill the slot left vacant by TPTB running ‘Spooks’ into the ground. Melissa George (of ‘Alias’) is Sam Hunter who works for a private intelligence agency. This has nice opening credits but is grim looking and George can’t seem to close her mouth properly due to her big fake lips.

On a mission Sam Hunter is shot, losing her unborn child and her trust in her colleagues. A year later she is a joyless woman with a wall of crazy. This has stilted dialogue and flashbacks.

Sam infiltrates a barrow boy family by staging a fake rescue during a fake attempted kidnapping of the bad barrow boy’s grandson. She is unaware that an assassin is lurking. It’s not real clear what is going on. There may or may not be a mole on the team. Sam does not trust anyone. This is not exactly enthralling but it is interesting. I’ll try one or two more eps.

Best Lines:
“Since when was one of our clients interested in the greater good?”

“A Chinese agent posing as an investor wore a wire to a meeting with Jack Turner two weeks ago. A few days later his body was found floating in the Thames.”
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