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Covert Affairs Season 2 Review, part 2

All The Right Friends
Annie ends up in Argentina with a man falsely accused of being a spy. This is a rip off of a Tony Curtis movie. This annoyed. Auggie is offered a promotion, Jai stares and Annie’s dim. This was boring with bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Now I have two international spies and an assassin loose in my country.”

“I don’t know how people like you sleep at night.”

“And this is probably where you steal some hapless peasant’s vehicle.”

Around The Sun
Annie investigates nefarious goings on at NASA. Auggie has a new job for about 38 minutes. The annoying Reva takes over Auggie’s job. Arthur’s job crisis drags on. This was irritating. Jai bugs a dude’s house. Didn’t ’Homeland’ do this already? Annie’s sister reveals her milquetoast husband may be on the way out. Nobody cares. Auggie screws up his new job. This was boring with an obvious plot twist.

The Outsiders
Annie and the petulant Reva hike around Poland to spy on the border with Belarus. Why is Reva on this show? Annie and Reva have no peripheral vision as soldiers sneak up on them and capture them. A mean solider (Peter Stormare of ‘Prison Break’ and ‘Boot Camp’) stares them down.

Jai wears overly tight clothes as he tries to rescue them. Boring inter-agency quarrels take place. Annie’s sister annoys. Reva is an idiot. Nobody notices Jai and his black helicopter running around various borders. Peter Stormare is totally wasted. This was a letdown.

Half A World Away
Auggie has a meet cute with a rude flight attendant (Rebecca Mader of ’Lost’ and ’Fringe’) while en route to a music festival in Turkey. Auggie learns the man who caused him to go blind in also in Turkey. Cue flashbacks to 2007 Iraq where Auggie takes his shirt off. Put it back on man!

Annie runs into an idiot from season 1. Auggie gets crazy and we never even get the flight attendant’s name. This was dull, the quality of season 2 has nose dived.
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