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Movie Review: Long Weekend (1978)

This Oz horror centres on a suburban couple who go camping at a remote beach. They wear horrible clothes, the wife hates their pet dog and ignores the pretty scenery, both she and her husband swear excessively and are vile people. They ignore weird news reports so they can further destroy their failed marriage.

They toss a lit cigarette out of their moving van, run over a kangaroo, throw beer bottles into the sea, fire off a gun and generally act like trash. Their crimes were against nature and nature found them guilty. Strange things start to happen. There are weird noises and they can’t leave. But it is slow moving and the couple getting what is coming to them takes way too long. Sadly this is a bad movie.

Best Lines:
“Piss off Cricket!”

“Where are we?”
“We’re here.”

“What you been doing to the tree?”
“Chopping it down.”
“Why not?”

“Is reality screwing the neighbours and murdering the unborn?”
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