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A sad passing

RIP Michael O’Hare of ‘Babylon 5’. Sinclair was way better than Sheridan.

‘Liz & Dick’ trailer
This looks awful and not in a good way.

Best Lines:
“They drink, they fight, they fornicate.”

“You just ended your fourth marriage.”
“Who’s counting?”

‘Last Resort’ 1x02 preview
This looks good but Robert Patrick and his bad acting needs to go away.

‘Once Upon A Time’ 1x04 promo
Nice. Mr Gold intones: “My agreements are always honoured.”

‘Elementary’ 1x02 promo
Uh. I cannot see Sherlock Holmes saying “Her coma is quite real.”

‘The Avengers’ (cartoon) Quote:
“That’s the problem with the future. It’s always there waiting for you.”

‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special promo
Why does Richard E. Grant always look like he’s been sucking on a lemon?

‘The Simpsons
’ Quotes:
“There’s a really mean squirrel in the backyard. I need you to dare me to fight him.”

“My mom stole it from a woman she cleaned for. Took her years to get the whole set.”

“Is that splashing or drowning?”

“They really hid the poverty nicely.”

“Today’s delicious buffet features fresh seagull and hull scrapped barnacles.”

“Check out the sensations luxury spa which is now the stronghold of charismatic cult leader - Dave the lifeguard.”

“I think I ate people meat!
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