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Book Reviews: Exile + Mary Boleyn

Exile: Book Two of The Outcast Chronicles by Rowena Cory Daniells

King Charald lays siege to the Wyrd’s city. Imoshen tries to mediate exile for her people. Sorne continues to moan. New annoying characters show up. This is overly long, boring and full of dislikeable characters. I will not read Book Three. This trilogy was a real let down.

Mary Boleyn The Great and Infamous Whore by Alison Weir

She was the sister of the infamous Anne and an obscure historical figure until the novel ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ catapulted her into fame. Leaving aside that excellent soap opera tale, Weir reveals the true if slightly dull story of Mary who was the unfavoured in her family.

Mary may or indeed may not have had affairs with the King of France and Henry VIII, she probably had a child by Henry VIII and was the only one of the Boleyn siblings to die in her bed. That is the central tenant of this biography that the unambitious, rejected, despised Mary was in fact the luckiest and happiest Boleyn.

However unlike the story of her glamorous doomed sister, Mary’s story does not make for very interesting reading.

Best Line:
“When he was not divorcing or beheading his queens, Henry generally treated them with respect and courtesy.”
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