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Covert Affairs Season 2 review, part 1

Under cover girl

Begin The Begin
Annie wanders around in a bikini as Ben heals. Ben annoys. Annie’s sister is now in the opening credits, oh lord. Annie needs to button her blouse. Annie is told to work a tennis playing asset named Nadia. Arthur’s in trouble. There is bad bad green screen. Ben vanishes. There is a twist. This was okay.

Best Line:
“In our line of work there is a very thin line between intuition and paranoia.”

Good Advices
Annie heads to Paris to get info out of the Syrian embassy. Boy has this ep dated. Joan wears another work inappropriate dress but finally wears a proper suit after being called for jury duty. Annie reunites with Eyal Leven (Oded Fehr).

There is parkour, Joan deals with a mean judge and Annie wanders around something that is not the Gare De Lyon. Annie is an idiot and the season 2 plot arc (if there is one) may be set up. This was okay.

Best Line:
“That’s what my wife said when she left me.”

Band and Blame
Annie is asked out by an er doctor. Annie goes back to the Farm to poke out a mole. The mole is suspected to be perpetually angry instructor Roy Gaskin. This was good, this season is already better than season 1.

Roy Gaskin rants a lot, Annie deals with her fellow trainees and this could be a poorly disguised pilot for a spin off set at the Farm. Meanwhile Arthur meets his ex-wife (Rena Sofer) and she does not like The Blonde aka Joan. Jai does nothing in this ep nor has he done anything in 2x02 or 2x01.

Best Lines:
“A promising career at the Agency, over, shattered.”

“All firearms are loaded because they are loaded in real life.”

“Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in dark cave in the Khost-Gardez Pass in Afghanistan getting beat with Kalashnikovs.”
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