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Book Review: Path of the Eclipse

Path of the Eclipse by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo

Saint-Germain is living in China (this takes place after ‘Dark of the Sun’) when Jenghiz Khan invades. Saint-Germain meets a female warlord named T’en Chih-Yu and helps her prepare her remote fortress for an attack by the Mongols.

After that doomed affair, Saint-Germain flees to Tibet and then into India. It is in India that he has a showdown with a Kali worshipping crazy woman. This was not good. It was boring and Saint-Germain’s inner monologues and sulking dragged. This was a real disappointment.

Best Lines:
“She has the soul of the screech owl and is said to worship unclean things.”

“Creature of Shiva!”
“You think that, and you dare fight me?”
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