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Book Reviews: Writ In Blood + an overview of 'The Ring of Fire' series

Writ In Blood by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo

It is 1910 and Saint-Germain is again resident in Russia. Czar Nicholas II gives him an assignment to deliver a proposed arms reduction treaty to England and Germany. But petty bureaucrats and arms dealers plot against the Count. Also the Count meets his latest love, the highly annoying Rowena Saxon. She would return to inflict herself on readers again in the bad ‘Midnight Harvest’.

Count-Germain is spied on by the infamous Sidney Reilly and a debauched German noble plots. This takes a while to get going and when it does it becomes an enjoyable spy/intrigue tale even if Rowena and her vexatious stalker/ex-fiancée bore. The coming storm of WW1 hangs over everything even if some people are too stupid to see what is coming.

Here is a quick overview of Eric Flint’s ‘The Ring of Fire’ series. Well so far.

Good entries in the series:
1633 (with David Weber)
1634: The Baltic War (with David Weber)
1634: The Galileo Affair (with Andrew Dennis)
1635: The Cannon Law (with Andrew Dennis)
1635: The Dreeson Incident (with Virginia DeMarce)
1635: The Eastern Front
Ring of Fire

Bad Entries in the series:
1634: The Bavarian Crisis (with Virgin DeMarce)
1635: The Ram Rebellion (with Virginia DeMarce et al)
1636: The Saxon Uprising
Ring of Fire II
Grantville Gazette
Grantville Gazette II
1635: The Tangled Web (with Virginia DeMarce)
Ring of Fire III

Not Yet Read
1636: The Kremlin Games
Grantville Gazette III-VI
1635: Papal Stakes
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