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Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns & Pelts

Cigarette Burns
This series is pretentious and repetitive. The opening credits try too hard. Kirby Sweetman (it’s Daryl from ’The Walking Dead’) is hired to find an infamous film named ‘Le Fin Absolue du Monde’. The soundtrack is full of irritating piano music and John Carpenter directs showing his last good works were 'In The Mouth of Madness' and ‘Prince of Darkness’.

Sweetman’s boss is a rich creep who keeps a thing chained in his closet. A movie critic went insane after seeing the film. Sweetman has little to no reaction to any of this. People who worked on the film are dead and watching it makes you crazy. After an encounter with a perv, Sweetman learns what the film depicted and has no reaction. It all ends in an incoherent gore fest with bad acting. This was okay but made no real sense.

A perv furrier (Meat Loaf) has an obsession with a stripper in this Dario Argento directed tale. After jerks kill a bunch of cute racoons for their pelts, the perv furrier makes a coat so the stripper will have sex with him. There are gore soaked deaths, a crazy woman in the woods and a ludicrous ending. There was no point to this.

Best Lines:
“We gotta call the cops Jake.”
“Yeah yeah. We’ll call ‘em from the highway. Anonymously.”
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