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Supernatural 7x10&7x11 + Breaking Bad 3x03 + Teen Wolf 2x11 Reviewed

Death’s Door

Bobby’s been shot in the head and has boring hallucinations. He knows what is going on and tries to cheat the Reaper. There is way too much Bobby in this ep. Dean shouts, there is bad acting and Bobby is stupid. How are Sam and Dean paying for the hospital and why are there no cops?

Bobby remembers his mean dad and useless mother. Dean makes a show of himself. Bobby thinks Sam and Dean grew up great, which is just beyond moronic. This was bad, what is TPTB obsession with Bobby?

Best Lines:
“I’m gonna die.”
“Oh now that’s a realistic view of the mortality rate on a ghost hunt.”

“I’m not dying on no damn plaid carpet.”

“You got the only genetic case of bullet in the brain I’ve ever seen.”

Adventures In Babysitting

Dean annoys. Sam does a favour for an annoying kid. Bobby had people apparently. Annoying characters are menaced by some form of vampire. A stupid obnoxious brat kid gets way too much screen time. What was the point of all this? Why is Dean orange? Why is a field important? This was crap.


Walt calls Skyler’s bluff and returns home. Skyler could have told the cops about Walt making meth but didn’t. Jesse continues to be pathetic, the assassins continue to bore and Skyler hopes Walt will die. Hank bores and Skyler does it with Ted which she has wanted all along. Walt tries to get Skyler to see his POV only for her to rub her fling with Ted in his face. This was not good and you just cannot sympathise with Skyler.

Best Lines:
“We can’t arrest a man for breaking into his own house.”

“Drug dealers have a way of getting caught.”

“This is the kind of place you get knifed.”


Jackson does boring stuff. Derek listens to Peter Hale. Allison is smugly ridiculous. Why is this show so obsessed with lacrosse? Stiles dad somehow gets his job back. Stiles is stupid. Why does Derek stay in this town? Scott’s mother is endangered thanks to her idiot spawn. Derek’s two pups Boyd and Erica abandon him because they are morons. The genocidal Argents target them. This was moronic, I’ll see how this season ends and then this show is dropped.

Best Line:
“He sucks. You suck slightly less.”
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