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Retro Review: The Twilight Zone (1985) Season 1 Ep 6 Segment 2

A Message From Charity

In 1700 Colonial America Charity Payne suffers a fever. This somehow gives her telepathic contact with Peter Wood. He is also suffering from a fever but in 1985. Peter (Robert Duncan McNeil of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’) and Charity chat to each other and Charity can experience what Peter does: reading, TV, orange juice and chocolate ice cream. If she experiences any other things he does, the ep does not go into that.

They suffered from the same fever brought on by stagnant rainwater, a problem unfixed from 1700 to 1985. Charity’s father Obadiah (James Cromwell of ‘Star Trek: First Contact’) tries to care for his child. This is good but Robert Duncan McNeil is a dreadful actor

At Peter’s urging Charity tells her friend Ursula about the world of 1985. Dumbass Peter recalls the Salem witch trials too late and Charity is taken up by a creepy witch finder/local pervert.

To save Charity from being burned as a witch, Peter comes up with a plan. This was a wonderful tale and the highlight of the 80’s ‘Twilight Zone’. This was based on a story by William M Lee which I’d love to read.

Best Lines:
“Our well has been tainted, we can drink not from it.”

“Thou belivest everything to be an ill omen.”

“Haven’t you ever tasted wine before?”
“Nay, but I am not disposed against further experiment.”

“Ursula Miller said an ill thing to me today.”

“Take off thy frock.”
“Your search for witch marks is a long and through one?”

“You live in a savage age Charity.”
“Aye, tis fortunate we have not invented the bomb.

“A message from a girl long gone.”
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