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Movie Review: Twilight (2008)


Stalker vampire boy Edward falls in love with clumsy girl Bella whose face never moves and who has no self-preservation skills at all. They brood at each other, Edward stalks, Bella slips and then a mean vampire named James shows up to eat Bella. Now the sparkly Edward has to save her.

There is tedious teen romance, the teen 'soulmates' brood, lie in a cold looking field and Edward glitters like a disco ball - what a great foundation for a lasting relationship. 'Twilight' does have beautiful scenery and much showing off of vampire powers. The glittery Edward looks very, very stupid, but Edward and Bella standing at the top of a huge tree is a great scene and the vampires playing baseball in a thunderstorm is impressive.

But the whole Edward/Bella love is a bit creepy. Dad cocks a gun when introduced to Edward and the local Native Americans give Edward the evil eye, they have good instincts. Bella does not. She endures Edwards creepy behaviour, stalking, the fact he climbs into her room to watch her, follows her, makes threats to kill her and when she ends up hospitalised, he talks to her about not hurting her and sounds like an abusive boyfriend.

Why no-one wonders about Edward and Bella after Bella's behaviour and hospitalisation is worrying. The fact Bella wants to be with Edward just makes her look as dumb as a sack of rocks. Edward is all twitchy, powdered and sporting obvious contact lenses. He's patronizing and a danger to Bella and she seems to cling to him and love him simply because he’s attractive, to her anyway.

There were lots of set ups for the sequel 'New Moon'. But I honestly don't think I'll go see that one. This film while it looked gorgeous, has some humorous touches and Jacob intrigues, is simply creepy with the freaky Edward/Bella relationship. Edward and Bella aren't romantic, they are creepy and quasi-abusive. This film was not exactly a success, it's kind of stupid and kind of disturbing.
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