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Book Reviews: Return to X-Isle + Seven Wonders + Eleanor of Aquitaine

Return To X-Isle by Peter Lerangis

From 2004 comes this horror sequel. I’ve not read ‘X-Isle’ yet. On Essex Island, a killer is on the loose and supernatural events are happening. This is a ‘Scream’ like romp that ends in a cliffhanger. There was however no follow up. Still this is an okay fun read.

Best Line:
“You took a dead body down from a hanging shark jaw in a restaurant. This is not a normal everyday occurrence.”

Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher

San Ventura is a city under threat by the supervillian The Cowl. The city is supposed to be protected by superhero team the Seven Wonders but they don’t seem to actually care or ever do their jobs.

When nobody Tony Prosdocimi develops superpowers he decides to take on The Cowl himself. Things don’t go like he thought they would. Thus a superhero adventure kicks off and the heroes and villains are not who you think.

Like ‘After The Golden Age’ and ‘Soon I Will Be Invincible’ this is a wonderful deconstruction of superhero myths. This is very good.

Eleanor of Aquitaine By the wrath of God, Queen of England by Alison Weir

Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most remarkable women of the Middle Ages. She married two Kings, gave birth to Richard the Lionheart and bad King John, went on Crusade, helped found a dynasty and lived to the age of 82 in an era where a women was lucky to live to be 27.

She was controversial, wilful and the subject of much controversy. This is an enjoyable biography of a fascinating woman in a fascinating time.
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