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Trailers and Quotes

‘Last Resort’ trailer
A submarine crew are told to destroy a country. They disobey orders and hide out on an island. This TV show looks good and it has Scott Speedman and Dichen Lachman in it.

Best Line:
“We do not obey a government that tries to murder its own. Test us and we will all burn together.”

Reviews of ’Covert Affairs’ season 2 forthcoming.

So ’Jericho’ season 4 issue 2 has been delayed, sigh.

The cover for ’Star Trek The Next Generation: Cold Equations 1’ is out and it is fugly. Sigh.

‘Kindred: The Embraced’ opening credits:
Nice credits for this short lived show.

‘Doctor Who’ 7x04 promo

‘Switch’ promo
This new ITV2 show stars Lacey Turner as a member of a coven of witches in Camden. It looks funny.

Best Lines:
“We should really start using non-stick.”

“Before I met you I was gay.”

‘Robin Hood’ (2010) Quote:
“Mother, your sainted son was an imbecile. And you supported his every folly from here to Jerusalem and back. Yes, you worshipped him when the warrior lost territories hard won by his father. You kissed his picture while England had to pay four years’ revenue to ransom him when he was captured. You are just as much to blame as him for the wreckage which is my inheritance.”

‘The Green Hornet’ (2011) Quotes:
“Think about this, Kato. What is the one insanely stupid thing every superhero has in common?”

“We will pose as villains, but we’ll act like heroes.”
“But then the police and the bad guys will both try to kill us.”

‘Smash’ Quote:
“Marilyn Monroe in the flesh. All ready to film yet another thrilling movie about a dumb blonde.”
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