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Nikita 2x11 + Missing 1x10 Reviewed

Pale Fire

Shouldn’t Alex’s name be Alexandra Udinova? There are flashbacks to seven years ago. Owen and Michael have issues over Nikita. As for Nikita she’s long forgotten about Daniel. Alex spends some time with her truly pathetic mother. Amanda wants Ryan to help her get rid of Oversight. What became of that kid she recruited back in season 1?

Percy gives Ryan a good slap. Alex’s mother is even more pathetic than Carol in ’The Walking Dead’. Michael infiltrates a gathering of Guardians but is too well known as Percy’s right hand man. This was tense and good.

Best Lines:
“You’re going to walk in there, alone. And meet with two Guardians. We barely managed to take down one of them together.”

“Don’t stop until we get to Brussels just to be safe.”
“I’m not slowing down until this thing runs out of gas.”

Rain On The Evil And The Good

Dax finally grows a brain. Paul escapes from prison. Michael is stupid. Becca is puffy, no wonder Paul faked his death. He didn’t want to wake up to that every morning. Why was Michael kidnapped at all? Michael’s girlfriend has a blank expressionless face and she gives a silly pep talk.

Violet is smug. Becca and Paul remember their carry on in 1997. Becca crosses a line and Violet is smug one time too many. Finally the show has returned to its early promise. The CIA run around Turkey. There is a silly slo-mo hug. All this took place in two weeks apparently. Becca makes speeches and strikes a pose. Michael is still a slack jawed idiot. This was good but the unnecessary cliffhanger was annoying.

Best Lines:
“He’s probably following you down the street right now dragging his IV behind him.”

“Can’t take a bullet like he used to.”

“Martin’s in the wind and your son is in the Bosphorus.”
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