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Book Review: The Dirty Secrets Club

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

Dr Jo Beckett is a forensic psychiatrist who profiles victims' lives to help solve their deaths. Her latest case is going to be one of the most bizarre she's ever worked on. Jo is called to the aftermath of a car wreck that has left four people dead and numerous others injured. Behind the wheel of the car that caused the destruction was top prosecutor Callie Harding.

Was it suicide, accident or murder? As she investigates Jo learns Callie is only the latest high flyer to die in spectacular circumstances and she isn't the last. To solve the case, Jo has to unravel the twisted darkness that is the Dirty Secrets Club. What did Callie Harding set in motion? Why did Callie Harding die? Jo is about to find out and she's going to discover how ugly secrets can get.

This was a good thriller, the writing was good and the mystery intrigued. My only complaint was that there were too many pop culture references in the book. There was a reference on practically every page, that's just overkill. This seems to be the first book in a series about Jo Beckett and I would certainly read more based on the strength of 'The Dirty Secrets Club'.
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