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Burning Down The House
The Tolerance Thing turns into ‘Carrie’. Bill is a jackass, Jessica is disgusting, Eric gets his memories back and Bill plans to burn the witches. This was more irritating than ‘Awkward’. Someone dies, yay!

Antonia changes her mind for about five seconds. Debbie unravels. Andy and Terry confront stuff. This was terrible. The plot is ramshackle and contrived. I’m tired of Bill and Nan’s mannered leers and vamps power walking.

Best Lines:
“Bill! Image!”

“Lovable isn’t he?”

“You lived up there like an insane squirrel.”

“No drugs for me, except the anti psychotics.”

“Anonymous tip which we already tried and I got laughed off the phone.”

Daniel lies and embraces being a jerk. Nolan has no security, even after Tyler. What happened to his security guard? Who is the White Haired Man? Who are his employers?

Nolan and Emily are tied up in a ‘SAW’ like room. Charlotte is mean. Emily’s big revenge spree comes to an underwhelming mess of an end. For now. I suppose White Haired Man (James Morrison of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Space: Above and Beyond’) will be in season 2.

Emily waves a great big axe and then grows a conscience and decides not to use it. Victoria continues her deep denial about her role in David Clarke’s fate. There is a break up, inexplicable secret keeping, Daniel is toxic and a return/revelation. Emily tastes the bitter dregs of her vengeance.

Another plane blows up, there is attention seeking and a plot twist that ‘Alias’, ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and ‘Nikita’ have all done already.

Best Lines:
“You stupid stupid woman.”

“You are way outmatched by that crazy albino.”

“Your father didn’t know what hit him did he?”

“That harpy’s toxic crusade has aroused the interest of a far more dangerous adversary than our government.”

“I can feel your devastation.”

“Champagne does not seem appropriative, especially at 9am.”

Soup To Nuts

The Wolf Lake thugs cause a truck crash. Kanin rants. The Sherriff calls him a nut job. Tyler Creed wants to build a SuperMax prison near Wolf Lake. The deathly dull Sophia/Luke storyline drags on. Vivian cheats on her dying husband some more. Kanin drinks drugged soup and hallucinates in his underpants.

There is muttering about chemical waste, Tyler does bad stuff, there is bad acting and this bored. Kanin still won’t leave the dystopian hell dimension that is Wolf Lake. The annoying Miranda is shackled again, she is a shop lifter as well as a pillhead.

An idiot goes into the dark eerie night to investigate the scary noise. Tyler and the Sherriff have a showdown. Sophia’s mother was human. Kanin is offered a job. This was annoying and plain bad.

Best Lines:
“A holocaust of dead kids in the cemetery dating back to the 1800s, a religion that exists nowhere else in the world. Wolves, weird Indians, a fertility rate that would make the Pope blush. Does none of this strike you as odd? Oh and another thing. The moon. Is it my imagination or is it always full around here?”

“How many times do I have to say it? I’m not here.”

“You’ve got two bodies?”


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