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Movie Review: Boogeyman (2004)

Boogeyman (2004)
From Eric Kripke, the creator of 'Supernatural', comes this extremely underwhelming and incoherent 'horror' film that stars Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel (of 'Bones')

Jim (Watson) was always afraid of the closet monster, even more so after the closet monster ate his father.  Now nearly two decades after his father become closet-chow, Jim has issues. He does lots of staring off into the distance like he a sty in his eye. He is also menaced by rustling plastic, a suicidal bird and creepy dripping water. He even freaks out Kate (Deschanel) his former childhood friend. It's clear that Jim needs to comb his hair and spend some time in a locked ward on a lithium drip.

What happens is that the film decides into a murky, choppily edited, CGI filled, incoherent mess that makes no sense.  There is no real need for this film to exist, it's dark and means nothing. Even a cameo by Lucy 'Xena' Lawless can't save it.
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