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Trailers & Quotes

‘Supernatural’ season 8 trailer
I’m not impressed.

Vanishing Act’ (1986) trailer
This was a good TV movie but why is Elliot Gould wearing huge fluffy ear muffs?

Blue raspberry taffy is delicious.

The Simpsons’ Quotes:

“We followed the ref home and beat the crap out of him.”
“I still think that might have been a kid who worked at Footlocker.”

“You are garbage made flesh.”

“Homer Simpson: moral lodestar.”

“I like to watch Lamar Odom play Xbox while his giant wife yells at him.”

‘Smallville’ Quotes:
“I needed to get out of the mansion, it’s getting crowded.”
“Doesn’t it have like 75 rooms?”
“My father takes up a lot of space.”

I’ll give ‘Once Upon A Time’ a try.
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