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Supernatural 7x06&7x07 + Breaking Bad 3x01 + Teen Wolf 2x09 Reviewed

Slash Fiction

The annoying Leviathan captured in 7x05 is tied up and is still capable of annoying. It talks like every villain ever on this show, giving no sign that it is an ancient monster. Two Leviathans assume Sam and Dean’s forms reviving the old FBI manhunt plot arc from seasons 2&3.

There is way too much Bobby in this show and the callbacks to season 1 make it even more obvious how bad this show is now. Everyone looks bored. Bobby’s love interest reveals you can fight Leviathans with soap or something.

The Amy plotline drags on and on and on. People die of collateral damage. Sam gets his self righteousness on, seriously after Ruby? This was an okay ep.

Best Lines:
“We can’t be killed, you stupid little chew toys.”

“Psycho Butch and Sundance.”

“Dead plants with creamy goo, it’s like eating self righteousness.”

“What kind of sickos are you?”

The Mentalists

Only one person recognises Sam and Dean after the events of 7x06? Oh come on. The brothers reunite after Sam’s latest hissy fit. Sam has his constipated face on. Psychics die. There is no mention whatsoever of Sam’s psychic powers. There is a message from Ellen. Dean tells Sam off, about damn time.

I am sick of the Amy plotline, I didn’t think this show could do anything worse than the dreadful Bela arc or the abysmal Samuel arc but they have. Dean helps a useless woman. This was good.

No Mas

167 people died in the plane crash. A pair of ridiculous assassins are hunting for the drug lord Heisenberg. Walt and his silly goatee move out. Walt does a lot of staring. Jesse leaves rehab. Skyler is smug. Walt Jnr is angry. Walt still hasn’t fixed the windshield of his car. Jesse accepts that he is a lowlife drug addict/dealer with no future. This was dire.

Party Guessed

Lydia’s haunted by Peter Hale. Victoria Argent has been bit. Allison is dim. Matt is a creeper. Stiles is an idiot. Jackson is overwrought. Lydia’s birthday party is nearly a disaster as she is considered the town wack job. Why is Lydia immune? Grandpa Argent is eager to get rid of Victoria.

Victoria and her bad haircut wants to die. Scott hangs out at Lydia’s birthday party during the full moon. Selfish git. Mr Argent dos not reconsider his career choices and helps his wife kill herself.

People hallucinate, there is stupid werewolf make up and Lydia attacks Derek. There is stupid dialogue. This was bad, this show is about to join ‘Hawaii Five-0’ in the dropped category.
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