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A Mother's Son part 2 +True Blood 4x09 +Revenge 1x20&1x21 Reviewed

A Mother’s Son (2012) Part 2

Rosie has tunnel vision and whines. David can’t believe Jamie is guilty. Lorraine read the ’Twilight’ novels, oddly appropriate. Rosie needs the family need to talk about Jamie and tells Ben her suspicions about the violent aggressive Jamie.

Things go to hell as Rosie continues to be in denial and jealous of Ben’s dead wife, Jamie lies and only Ben can see what needs to be done. This was not as good as part 1, mostly due to Rosie’s shrieking. The ending is idiotic and sappy.

Let’s Get Out Of Here

Sookie’s gunshot wound goes away. Sam and Luna bore. Debbie unravels. Jessica wails. Bill and Nan yell at each other. The possessed Lafayette strolls around Hoyt’s house. Sookie has a boring dream about Bill and Eric. The show’s flaws catch up with it in this awful ep.

Andy trips on V. The plot is ridiculous and full of bad acting. Hoyt puts Jessica’s stuff (including her copy of ‘Twilight’) into a box with ‘For you monster’ written on it. Jessica and Jason get it on. Tommy pulls his usual crap. The tolerance thing goes awry. This was utterly bad.


A flashback to 2002 shows how Amanda was set on her path for revenge instead of just being violent and destructive. Conrad got a menacing note and he did his homosocial bonding with Frank to get to the bottom of the matter.

The cover up people gather at the Grayson mansion of a New Year’s Eve party - shouldn’t the party be in NY? Amanda wanders around, yet no-one recognised her when she returned as Emily Thorne. Jack dresses like it is the 90s and has a bad girlfriend. Declan is a kid and yet more flashbacks to 1991 show David Clarke wasn’t very bright.

Amanda meets Roger (John Billingsley of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’) who was David’s friend who became a drunk as a result of guilt. He says he will help her and Frank kills him. Jack’s animosity to Nolan is explained. Lydia’s horribleness is shown in full. This was very good.

If David Clarke wanted his daughter to forgive why did he leave her the journals detailing the “ruthless betrayal” against him, detailing who was responsible and going into detail about how “a system rigged against me by the people I knew as friends” destroyed him. Are Amanda’s sugar tinted memories of her father accurate?

Best Lines:
“In the winters, it’s like ‘The Shining’ around here.”

“Want to know what I think?”
“No. But don’t let that stop you.”

“It’s perverse don’t you think? Destroy a man you love and then weep for him eternally.”

“Roger brought the drunkard out early this year. How droll."

“Frank be a good dog and fetch me a refill.”


David continues to be a ghastly person. Who are what is the Initiative? Emily plants a spy camera in a book called ’Orwell: The Biography’ so to quote ’The Cape’: Orwell is watching.

Charlotte snots, James Morrison lurks - one could presume he is playing the same character he did on ’Freedom’. Conrad and Lydia have set up a love nest. Nolan is stupid and wears another vile sweater. Daniel is jackass and disgusting. He indulges in pathetic intimidation and without his surname he’d be another delusional entry level twit who dreams of being an amoral sociopath CEO. Charlotte is trash and Sammy dies. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Grief is a life sentence without clemency.”

“It’s a cheque, not a shoe bomb.”

“You look like a demonic succubus.”

“This is getting kinkier and creepier by the moment.”

“They’re awful Declan, my whole family.”

“A walking tabloid.”

“Grief is a merciless master.”
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