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Book Review: Besieged

Besieged: Book One of The Outcast Chronicles by Rowena Cory Daniells

From the author of ‘The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin’ comes this book which kicks off a new trilogy. It is set in a world where true-men hate the wyrd mystical T’En. The T’En hate true-men in return and are also riven by conflict as the men of the Brotherhoods and the women of the Sisterhoods distrust each other.

Years pass as Sorne the rejected T’En son of a true-man King plots to regain what was denied him. Meanwhile T’En Imoshen battles against the staid static Sisterhood life. Conflict is coming. This is a wannabe epic. It is overly complicated, over written and characters are idiots for the sake of being idiots.

I don’t care about any of these people. No spiritual truths are illuminated, the T’En theology is not rich or compelling just bog standard fantasy novel magic. The T’En are mostly arrogant ingrates with no appreciation of or interest in anything beyond their narrow bubble. Most T’En seem to have serious behavioural disorders and psychopathic traits. This was an utter disappointment.

Best Line:
“I hate it. I wish we’d never come here. This place corrupts.”
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