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Movie Reviews: Livid + Gone

Livid (2011)

This is a French horror movie with English subtitles. Lucie is a trainee home help working with a horrible woman. One of their clients is Deborah Jessel a former famous ballet teacher who lies comatose in her creepy remote house. It is mentioned she has a treasure hidden in her house.

Lucie, her chav boyfriend William and his brother Ben plan to go thieving to escape their blue collar grey town. They break into the creepy house and bad things happen to them. This was good, far better than supposed classics like the 2005 ‘Pride & Prejudice’. There are flashbacks and bizarre goings on. I really enjoyed this.

Best Lines:
“Weren’t you in jail, for stealing a TV from a cop’s house?”

“You know what they say: whistling on the moor on Halloween is bad luck.”
“That’s what the local winos say.”

Gone (2012)

Jill (Amanda Seyfried of ‘Veronica Mars’, ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’) is upset when her sister goes missing. Jill is convinced Molly was abducted by the same serial killer who adducted her but whom she managed to escape. The police do not believe Jill’s story of abduction or care about Molly’s disappearance. This was bad and I’d rather have been watching ‘Finding Bigfoot’.

Jill rants about the serial killer. The cops are idiots who stuck her in a loony bin for insisting she was abducted. The trailer for this was better. A sexist jerk cop is out to get Jill and is stunningly dismissive of the probable serial killer lurking in the city and is aggressively belligerent towards her. This was stupid with an idiot twist ending and Jill’s phone never needs charging.
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