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Doctor Who 7x01 Reviewed

Asylum of the Daleks

Amy and Rory are divorcing because she is a vapid cow. She’s a terrible person. The Daleks abduct Amy, Rory and the Doctor to infiltrate the Dalek Asylum. It is a place they dump Daleks instead of killing them for some reason.

Also in the Asylum is Oswin who’s ship crashed on the planet a year ago. She wants to be rescued. Amy and Rory don’t seem to be missing Melody. Matt Smith looks old. Amy is in peril again. Rory’s stupid.

Amy sees a vision of strange people. Amy screams. Rory finally calls Amy on all her crap but she manages to make it all about her. Will she die already? This was good with a twist ending. But Amy is a hideous person.

Best Lines:
“I thought you’d run out of ways to make me sick.”

“You’re a tricycle with a roof.”
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