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Fair Trade

Nikita steals Division’s funding as part of a non-cunning plan. Alex infiltrates Russia. Sean annoys and the show is suddenly all about him. Michael has his feet up in London.

Thanks to Nikita’s idiot plan, Birkhoff is captured. She responds by yelling. Amanda goes to work on Birkhoff. Sean it turns out is Seal Team Six, oh come on. TPTB are really laying it on thick. This was good as Nikita saves Birkhoff but Sean is still a prat.

Best Lines:
“Who the hell are you?”
“Someone who can’t afford to have that question asked.”


Dax is truly stupid. Captions keep telling us Becca is in Vienna. Becca is stupid. Michael bores and is a moron. Rossi loves Becca. A Pelican painting is a plot point. Maxim the lil’ thug all grown up whines.

Michael is pathetic. What authority do the CIA have to run around Vienna ordering people around? Sean Bean was more interesting in that ep of ‘Accused’ in which he ran around in a miniskirt and 6 inch heels. Maxim goes two for two and Becca still does not shoot him. There is bad acting and an obvious revelation. This was bad.

A Mother’s Son (2012) part 1

This is the latest ITV drama. Ben (Martin Clunes) and Rosie (Hermione Norris of ‘Spooks’ and ‘Bouquet of Barbed Wire’) are in a blended step family and live in a small costal town. A local girl is murdered and Rosie suspects her son Jamie is involved after she finds his shoes covered in blood.

She times washing machine runs, finds out her son is into violent porn, can’t talk to her new hubby and so looks up her ex David (Paul McGann of ‘Doctor Who‘) for help. Meanwhile Ben is detached from all the drama and Jamie acts like a violent aggressive creepy thug.

This was okay with family tension, yelling and Rosie being upset Ben with buying flowers for his dead wife’s grave. I’m curious about part 2.

Best Lines:
Sometimes I really loathe you.”

“The small community in which she lived has been rocked by the fear of what might by living within their midst.”


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