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Book Review: Class Trip

Class Trip by Bebe Faas Rice

From 1993 comes this slasher tale. The popular kids of Oakbridge High rough it on an island for extra science credits. There is an escaped lunatic and the vile teenagers start dying. They hide in the rundown cabin and try to figure out what to do. There is an improper use of the word valkyrie, no radio and pop culture references to Dick Tracy and Bette Davis.

This 1990s version of ‘And Then There Were None’ is delightful with a fun twist ending. It was followed by a sequel which I’ve not read.

Best Lines:
“Naturally Melanie would have to bring a bag full of cosmetics on a week-long trip into the wilds! Heaven forbid she be caught without her frosted-blue eyeshadow.”

“This is like Friday The Thirteenth come to life.”

“We’re supposed to be having a fun week on a deserted island, and we’ve got two dead friends in a shed.”

“The storm is not personally directed against you.”

“You miserable pack of hyenas.”

“That simpering group of sadistic morons.”
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