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Good & Evil 1x01 + A Touch of Cloth, part 2 Reviewed

Good & Evil (1991) 1x01

This was a short lived Teri Garr sitcom that co-starred Lane Davies (of ‘Lois & Clark’ and ‘Santa Barbara’) and Seth Green. It had delightfully odd and creepy opening credits. However the reason why it was short lived soon becomes clear when the good one of the title Jenny runs around uttering unfunny lines and doing unfunny parody of daytime soaps. Jenny is a scientist and is the favourite of her mean mother.

The evil one is Denise (Garr) who is the unfavourite. She is a beauty mogul and as soon as she shows up on screen the show improves. I’m on Team Denise already. Denise is tired of being unloved and overlooked and vows to steal her mom’s job and ruin everyone’s lives for hating her. It’s like ‘Revenge’ but from 1991!

Jenny soon shows up again to bore. She has a mute daughter and a surly looking idiot son (Green) and her presumed dead husband who fell off Everest years ago has just been found alive by some scientists. Yawn. Denise’s boyfriend Eric (Davies) plans to ditch her for Jenny. Why?!? But Denise puts a stop to that. Jenny is annoyed she can’t steal Denise’s man. This was okay but for some reason the characters said it was 1987.

Best Lines:
“You’re spitting on the Oriental rug.”

“You always liked Jen best.”
“She was cuter dear. You were not a very attractive child.”

“You sent me away to that school in Peru.”
“Denise you came home for Christmas.”
“But you weren’t here.”

“You’re married.”
“Only legally.”

“I’m a doctor Denise. Do you think that excites me?”

A Touch of Cloth, part 2

Cloth wipes away crime! Cloth and Oldman have discovered the connection between the murder victims. There is a revelation, a wall of crazy, a Todd Carthy cameo, an idiot ending and this is not as funny as part 1. Bollocks to this.

Best Lines:
“Some things are best left in the past like Smallpox and the Macarena.”

“It was 1996 for god’s sake. Babylon Zoo were number one for five weeks. People needed hope.”

“An entire building full of innocent people dead because of me, for the fifth time this year!”

“Help me lick the blood off this sword.”

“Shoot me and I’ll bleed in your face.”

“You’re facing the sack.”
“The sack, Cloth!”
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