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Movie Review: Flowers In The Attic (1987)

I ADORE the book but this movie was terrible. Corrine (Victoria Tennant) returns to her remote fortress like childhood mansion to win back her billionaire father’s love and inherit his fortune. To aid this, she locks her four children in the attic and she does not want to share. Somehow the movie manages to make all the gothic creepiness banal. The Grandmother (Louise Fletcher of ’Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’) is creepy and the wailing Enya soundtrack is mostly okay. But Chris and Cathy (Kristy Swanson of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, ‘The Chase’ and ‘Hot Shots!‘) don’t look 14 and 12, the child actors playing Cory and Carrie are dreadful and the plot is wildly changed.

The original choice of director was Wes Craven but he was sadly kicked to the curb. Damn, now he would have made this film good. The four children are locked in the attic. The Grandmother is mean. John lurks. Corrine is a terrible mother. The windows are shuttered and barred, the children are dim and too trusting of their mother.

They have zero reaction when the Grandmother reveals the gross fact that Corrine ‘married’ her uncle. There is bad acting, the grating screeching harpy Corrine obviously does not care about her children as they sport bad haircuts and chalky make up.

There is an emotional disconnection from this film as everyone is dim. Corrine plans to marry the surly Bart. Cory dies. Chris, Cathy and Carrie realise mom has been giving them poisoned doughnuts. They get out of their prison and find a copy of Grandfather’s will just lying around.

As Corrine strides around in her really ugly wedding dress, she is about to be confronted on her greed by her unwanted children. The ending is stupid. This is not good, maybe it’ll be remade at some point.

Best Lines:
“Obey your grandmother and never never give her any reason, any reason at all to punish you.”

“Your mother’s marriage was unholy! She did not fall from grace, she leapt!”

“So what’s to become of us mom?”

“Mother’s known all this time that we could never be found.”
“She never meant for us to leave that attic.”

“Eat the cookie!”
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