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True Blood 4x08 + Revenge 1x18&1x19 Reviewed


Jason saves Jessica from burning up, damn. She is a murderer and Bill is a tool who makes it all Antonia’s fault. Eric and Sookie feed off each other. Andy craves V. The werewolves decide to stay out the vampire/witch war. Antonia rants, Tara agrees, Hoyt throws Jessica out and a ghost lurks.

Sookie and Eric do more weird sex stuff. Sookie reminds me of that Madonna lyric ‘If I’m smart then I’ll run away, but I’m not so I guess I'll stay’. The werewolf Alpha Marcus has issues with Sam and Luna.

Sookie is a twit. Tommy is up to his dumb tricks again. Jason throws Jessica out too. Bill is a moron. Pam is a jerk and a fight breaks out. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Dead vampire. Should I call the coroner or sanitation?”

“It’s the only time I ever feel like I’m not watching myself not living up to people’s expectations and hating those people for having expectations and thinking about hitting them in the head with a bat.”


It’s suddenly Day 15 of Daniel’s trial. Nolan wears a hideous sweater. Victoria plans jury tampering and it is implied the same thing happened at David Clarke’s trial. Mini-Frank aka Lee does thug stuff. Declan needs a haircut and a smack. Victoria and her artist lover do boring stuff. Jack and Emily bore. Daniel is a terrible judge of character.

Daniel yells, drinks, shoves and violates house arrest. Conrad does bad stuff and the Grayson’s sins go deeper than Emily realised. This was bad.

Best Lines:
Last summer I got wasted, crashed my car and nearly paralysed my girlfriend. This summer I shot my best friend.”

“What on god’s earth have you done Victoria?”

“He doesn’t want your drug use to hurt Daniel’s case more than it already has.”


Nolan wears another hideous sweater. Emily finds out Nolan has being hiding stuff from her. An evil dude (James Morrison) lurks. Charlotte is a junkie. Daniel is a free man. Victoria plans to show what Conrad really is to the world. Ashley gets a new job.

What was the point of the Emily/Victoria’s divorce lawyer plot? Where has grandfather Grayson gone? Who is evil dude? Is he one of the group who downed the plane? Why did they down a plane anyway?

Jack warns Daniel about his family of vipers. Daniel makes a not unexpected choice despite finally learning what was done to David Clarke and “his innocent baby girl”. This was good. What outcome are Daniel, Emily and Victoria seeking in all this?

Best Lines:
Absolution is a mercy the people who killed him will never know.”

“The suffering you so glibly spread around will come back at you tenfold.”

“The Hamptons are filthy with ambitious young girls like you.”

“What about Victoria?”
“What you and Victoria have yet to grasp is just how little she matters, to anyone.”
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