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Book Reviews: The Eternal Tide + Blind Faith

Star Trek Voyager: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

This has a fugly cover. Voyager continues to look for evidence that the Borg are gone for good, no foolies. This leads to a follow up to the ep ‘Unity’. Fleet Commander Eden’s boring quest to find herself leads to boring crap happening. There are Q, the foul counsellor is foul and there is a over abundance of techno babble.

An old face returns and is as big a wonk as ever. A threat is uncovered and blah blah blah. This was a disappointing mess.

Best Lines:
“They were from a galaxy so distant we’ve never actually seen it.”

“A more pompous, insubordinate, and generally unpleasant officer has never been admitted to Starfleet’s ranks.”
“You don’t get around much do you?”

Blind Faith by Ben Elton

This is Elton’s prolonged rant against Facebook and its ilk. This is set in a post apocalyptic London where food and the internet are still in full supply. Society is sex obsessed, egocentric and everything is online because privacy is for perverts. Is this a reaction to the destruction of society generations ago? Who cares, Elton rants about religion, faith, humanism, vaccinations and evolution.

The smug, emotionally cold, bitter git Trafford Sewell battles to be private and protect his newborn daughter. He hates his neighbours (and they return the feeling), he patronises his wife and loathes his co-workers (they mostly return the favour). Trafford while on his never ending quest to be morally superior stumbles upon a secret cabal of vaccinators/humanists and because he is stupid, sets in motion the destruction of his family.

This is okay, the story is interesting but is bogged down by rants, exposition dumps and a unpleasant streak of misogyny

Best Lines:
“I find your point threatening. You are making me feel uncomfortable!

“They burn Vaccinators.”
“Only when they catch them.”

“His mother had always told him that the best way to deal with bullies was to stand up to them, but since standing up to bullies like Lovebud might easily result in smear campaigns and denunciations to the Inquisition he had never seen the theory put into practice.”
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