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The Walking Dead 2x12&2x13 + Missing 1x07 Reviewed

Better Angels

The gang kill zombies with pitchforks and shovels. Rick makes another speech. Carl is still wandering around by himself. Everyone is to move into Hershel’s house. Lori is the Lana Lang of this show, everything has to revolve around her and she must be pampered at all times.

Lori slobbers over Shane again. She and everyone else on this show is repugnant. Shane deals with Randall. This was okay but too much of season 2 was stagnant and repetitive and focused on mundane issues. Shane and Rick have yet another showdown. A bunch of zombies suddenly shows up.

Beside The Dying Fire

Where did the helicopter come from? Why were no lookouts on watch? Why isn’t the farm protected? Why do these morons act like they’ve never seen a zombie movie? Carl whines as does the useless Lori. The groups splits apart during ‘The Night of the Living Dead’ style chaos.

Characters nobody cares about become walker chow. Andrea is abandoned and the farm is lost. Maggie panics and has a cry because she is useless. Carl needs a slap. The gang are a pack of selfish idiots.

Rick rants and finally reveals what he was told at the end of season 1. The lazy thankless gang moan and whine. Lori won’t acknowledge what her pot stirring led to. Rick has had it with the selfish lazy loads he has to protect. A new character shows up. This was good.

Best Lines:
“It’s like a plague. They’re everywhere.”

“It’s my farm.”
“Not anymore.”

“This isn’t a democracy anymore.”

Measure of a Man

Becca is questioned about an mission that went very very wrong back in 1999. Becca responds with belligerence. Michael and Oksana bore as every other word they utter is insulin. Dax is a moron. It seems various baddies encountered so far of minions of Suspect Zero.

Idiot in charge Jamie Ortega (Gina McKee) threatens to send Becca to Gitmo. There is bad bad blue screen. There are flashbacks, sap and a horrible little kid. There are obvious twists and one unexpected one. This was bad, bad, bad.
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