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Prison Break 4x15 Review

Going Under

Sara somehow arrives at Company HQ and acts as Florence Nightingale to Michael. Meanwhile Linc embraces working for the Company with such glee, that Sucre does a runner. Mahone escapes from his captors with Lang's help. Michael has visions of Westmoreland and Marilyn, for some reason Westmoreland doesn't berate Michael for never visiting his daughter and losing his money in Panama. Michael and Don Self come to separate realisations about what Scylla truly is. Elsewhere, selling Scylla goes badly for Gretchen and Agent Turncoat.

I wasn't that invested in this episode, Linc's potato head and thuggery don't appeal. After three episodes of Self's reign of meatheadness where he got to be inordinately pleased with himself, outfox Michael and shrug off numerous concussion grade blows to the head, he's outfoxed by a guest star. But fear not, now Linc has to team up with Gretchen and Self to regain Scylla. Linc complains about this, Linc the man who worked with Kellerman.

So Sucre and Mahone have run off. T-Bag's fate is unknown. Linc, Self and Gretchen have to work together. And Michael is left alone, sporting a stupid bandage, with the knowledge that his mother worked for the Company and that his brother is a moron.

Best Lines:
"I always knew it was going to come down to a pile of bodies."

"The silly schoolgirl following the brooding boy who finally noticed her."

"It's not about taking down the Company, it's about becoming the Company."
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