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Book Review: The Army of Dr Moreau

The Army of Dr Moreau by Guy Adams
From the author of the wonderful ‘The Breath of God’ comes this inept sequel. Holmes and Watson deal with the legacy of Dr Moreau in this disappointing book. It starts out well but descends into a morass of snide, smug, boring tripe. It’s a shame as it had promise but squandered it.

Best Lines:
“Usually it was all I could do to find out where it was he vanished to in the small hours, leaping – so very unnecessarily – from his bedroom window.”

“I’m sure we’ll manage to get through a glass of wine without having our throats cut.”
“Yes, because that’s always what I look for in a hostelry.”

“The floor had been cleaned once, I was sure, though maybe not during the reign of our current monarch.”

“I got a bit carried away and threw a member of staff through a picture window.”

“I knew who was behind it all. It was something of a surprise to find he was climbing out of a carriage and walking across the road toward me.”
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