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Book Review: Fallen Gods

Star Trek Titan: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin

This book has been near universally panned by reviewers, but I enjoyed it. The author is quite fond of trying to be erudite but fails catastrophically. Plus this has a horrible cover. All that and the tiresome B plot aside, I did enjoy it.

The A plot sees the USS Titan take a trip to a planet located near a pulsar and that entertains. The tiresome B plot of Andorian intrigue annoys. This was surprisingly good, there are worse Trek novels out there: the majority of the ‘New Frontier’ series for example.

Best Lines:
“Weird shellfish creatures from a pulsar planet.”

“The maintenance module wondered how long it had languished in insensibility and inertness - in non-existence. Judging from the unfamiliar positions of many of the brighter stars in Ta’ith’s sky, uncounted eons had passed
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