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Revenge 1x16&1x17 + True Blood 4x07 Reviewed

Daniel is arrested and stupid. Where has Lydia gone? Why do TPTB keep shoving Declan at us? Daniel doubts Emily, Jack is tightly wound. The homicidal stripper Amanda is missing. Ashley plots. Conrad hires a pricey lawyer (Courtney B. Vance of ‘Flashforward’ and ‘Final Destination 5’) for Daniel. Charlotte pops pills and Veronica Cartwright is a one scene wonder as a judge. This was good.

Best Lines:
“In a crisis you quickly find who your friends are. Tragedy and scandal it seems, have a unique way of clarifying people’s priorities.”

“You’d have made sure the little psychopath stayed locked up.”

“You have 15 stitches in your head. How do you explain that?”

“Life as we know it Victoria is over.”

“We are in this together, again.”

“You’re rich, who hates you?”

“One child arrested for murder and the other can’t look at us without contempt.”

Daniel is in jail. Charlotte is a druggie snot. Victoria tries to blame Amanda, Emily and or Jack for Tyler’s murder. Jack is cracking up. Mason Treadwell is lured back to help Daniel’s case. Daniel is battered in jail.

Victoria reunites with an old love in a forgettable throwaway plot. Declan and Charlotte wear their prep school uniforms. Declan is ditched and dismissed. Charlotte is spoilt and selfish. Daniel is undermined.

Mason sort of feels bad about the horror he helped inflict on David Clarke. Emily has business in a dive bar. Conrad and Victoria show their revolting sides. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“That girl just might be Grayson material after all.”

“Wine coolers?”
“Well I’ve never been much of a drunkard.”

“I swear to god Mason, I’ll...”
“You’ll what? Not invite me to the parties you’ve stopped throwing? Not introduce me to the celebrities who’ve stopped calling? Your empire is crumbling my queen. News choppers are circling Grayson Manor like so many buzzards waiting for an old goat to die.”

Cold Grey Light of Dawn
Marnie escapes or rather Antonia does as Marnie doesn’t live there anymore. Pam is disgusting. Lafayette is a medium. Tara throws away her new life. Bill does an exposition dump on Antonia. She was a necromancer who could wield powers over vampires and was executed in 1610 as part of a vampire bloodlust exploitation of the inquisition.

Bill somehow tries to make Antonia the baddie in this situation. Bill and his silly accent bore. Eric and Sookie have more sex. How does she not get a UTI? Pam gets beauty treatments. Sookie makes everything all about her, she’s an entitlewhore.

Antonia plots and draws Tara in. Jessica in full Stockholm syndrome mode considers Bill turning her a good thing and plans to eat Antonia. Sam and Luna cop on to Tommy. Andy craves V. There is more weirdness with Arlene’s baby. Debbie unravels.

Antonia and her over baked accent make grandiose speeches. Tommy contaminates every relationship he has. A spell is cast leading to over use of the wind machine and wild overacting. This was okay but the show could stand to lose a few of the vulgar, mean and nasty people who populate it.

Best Lines:
“He’s got great spiritual energy when he’s not stoned.”

“There’s a witch spell coming.”
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