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A 2000 Tape Tale

‘Homeland’ season 2 trailer

‘Grimm’ 2x03 promo

I liked ‘Numb3rs’ (still haven’t seen season 6 though) RIP Tony Scott.

I am reading ‘The Army of Dr Moreau’.

‘Suburgatory’ Quotes:
“Don’t pretend like you have disposable income.”

“What are you?”
“A slutty mushroom.”

‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’ Quotes:
“I’m Garth Marenghi, horror writer. Although I prefer the term dream weaver.”

“I drew deep draughts of inspiration from the dike of my dreams. Other times I copied the plots from dead authors on whose work the copyright had lapsed.”

“If you sell your body for medical experiments to make a quick buck you’ve gotta roll with the punches. At least he was at peace now, on account of being dead.”

“Where were you last night?”

“Anger rose up in him like a bad sandwich.”

The Army of Dr Moreau’ Quote:
“Nobody dismisses the work of George Edward Challenger and leaves the room with his teeth still in his mouth!”

‘Raising Hope’ Quotes:
“You’d think a Marilyn Manson fan would have more class.”

“Please tell me you’re high on drugs.”

Cleared out a tape from 2000. Most of the tape was taken up by the movie ‘The Rock’ which had bad tracking. The movie itself was over long, over directed, everyone was a large ham, Ed Harris shouts down phones, the sarcastic doctor from ‘Scrubs’ has a bit part, there is a bad wig, stirring music and it is over long with car chases and gun fights ad nauseum.

Then there was a ‘G vs E’ ep ‘Portrait of Evil’ which was a rip off of ‘Rear Window’. Enough. I cannot believe I once liked ‘G vs. E’.
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