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Nikita 2x07 + Missing 1x06 Reviewed


The goob Ryan Fletcher is in jail and figures out some of Oversight’s secrets by staring a newspaper clippings because he is just that special. Michael wants to see his son and is annoyed with Nikita.

Alex hides from Gogol who wouldn’t be after her if she hadn’t smugly shot that executive because she was in a pissy mood. The hair product Sean hangs out with Alex. This season I feel as if TPTB are treating the audience with contempt. I don’t have time for Alex’s crises.

Roan shows up. Sean is not a sage confidante, he is a blight and his mommy is on Oversight. Yawn. This ep was weak. Sean glowers, a death lacks any emotional ante, Russians speak English to each other, Michael is shot again and there is a ‘twist’. For notorious hard cases, Michael and Nikita are a bit dim.

Best Lines:
“Your value is that you don’t exist.”

“Fletcher won’t be a problem. Accidents happen all the time in prison.”

“Evil corporations ain’t what they used to be.”

“I give you those names I’m a dead man.”
“Works for me.”

A Busy Solitude

Becca is annoying and arrogant. Her stupid street punk son and his galpal do boring crap. Paul does stuff. There is a too convenient ‘accident’ that everyone ignores. There is smuggling and Becca is awesome in her selfishness.

There’s a mole in the CIA. Dax is a jackass, his boss is rude and everyone is stupid. There are endless flashbacks. This bored. Rebecca overflows with contempt but no shame.
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